Yearly Archives: 2011

Happy New Years Everyone!

As we go into 2012 I can’t help, like most of you, to stop and think about the last 12 months.  How were they spent?  Did I waste my time? Did I spend enough of that time with the ones I loved?  Was a good steward of my finances, my house, my friends and my family?  But the reoccurring theme I always face is… how did I steward my time?  Because really, that’s all I was given… another year to enjoy the things in my life that I’ve been so privileged to have.  As I go into 2012 I have my own resolutions about finally losing that last 15lbs, the number of weddings I’d like to capture, and the family I’d like to see… but most of all, I just want to make sure that in 2012 I’m out there living my life and not just waiting for it to happen.  Here’s a great couple who’s wedding I captured last year on this very night… Happy Anniversary Kelly & Melissa, and Happy New Years to the rest of you.  Would someone cue Auld Lang Syne now please?

The Campbell’s Get [Together]!!

I love my aunt and her family… As the oldest in my family I always longed for a big sister, and Kari filled that hole.  She was the person I looked up to, aspired to be and handwriting I copied to be “more artistic.”  It’s so hard being 14 hours away from her, which makes the visits so rare and special that we always end up cramming more into the time than we can possibly accomplish.  So, we grabbed these quick shots right before they left.  Meet my older sister/role model/aunt Kari, her husband Vance, and her kids Lydia and Caedmon… all the way from Louisiana 🙂

And my favorite is at the top… I think I may be printing that one for my office :).  XOXO!

Chris & Heather Get [Engaged]!!

And thus begins the blogging of backlogged sessions…

When I met Chris and Heather last January I immediately fell in love… with their love.  They were so incredibly sweet with each other!  In getting to know them I found that Heather and Chris compliment each other so well, and with their laid back style and undeniable care for their friends and family I know their love is going to last the test of time.  I can’t wait to show you their vintage backyard wedding!!  In the meantime enjoy their engagement session…

And my favorite…