Monthly Archives: January 2011

So, I’m a planner… big time.  I like knowing what my schedule looks like in advance, and having a plan.  So that’s what I did for WPPI this year.   My plan was to arrive early Sunday, grab some In n Out and rest up in the hotel room before all the craziness began.  I hunted…

Joanna Furr -

Yipes! You are one crazy chica!!!

Kari -

I would chide you with, “Now Rachel, that’s no way to treat your body, and you only have one.” But we both know that would backfire drastically. So, have fun and be as safe as one can in Vegas. I miss you!

I’m a firm believer in getting the right shot no matter what.  My interns will tell you that I told them (mostly joking) that you’re not a “real” photographer until… 1. You get dirty &/or 2. You stop traffic I do whatever it takes to get the shot.  Period.  Example… I found this super fantastic…

Joanna -

you crack me up! and i can attest that you will do anything! awww, i’m getting nostalgic thinking about all the traffic we stopped and breaking into some certain buildings…

Colleen -

Haha, I do this ALL the time! Love it 🙂

I love love.  When I met Peter & Samantha you could sense that they have an overwhelming love for each other, but also a very realistic view of life and how their relationship works.  This couple is one for the books ya’ll.  Every time I met with Sam it was amazing… she came across so…

mom -

I still can’t believe its over and that these are pics of my beautiful baby girl!! You did a fantastic job Rachel!


Really nice job Rachel….well thought out photography!! Photography has come a long way since my days in the Navy as a Photography Officer but you capture the heart and soul of a subject, something that many photographers lack, its a unique gift and you obviously GOT IT! Samantha is a beautiful bride (she looks like her Mom) which without adoubt made your job alittle easier..BRAVO ZULU!!

Joanna -

FA-BO-LO-US…and yes I know the spelling is wrong =) Love the yummy details!!! Her flowers are gorge!

Samantha Senick -

You are so amazing! Not only are you an amazing photographer, you are a fantastic person and a pleasure to work with. I am so thankful that Peter and I found you to capture the details of the most important day of our lives. I know…so cliche…but so true!