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I’m a Pisces? WHAT?

I was going to blog a wedding tonight, but I can’t find my couple’s vendor info… So, while I’m waiting for that email… I’m writing a pretty long post…

I’m sure you all got the news last week that we’re no longer what we thought we were… we’re now something different.  Ryan’s had this theory for the last few years about the earth’s gravitational pull… he says that we’ve been outtawhack for the last few years.  The summers are getting longer, the winters are getting milder (not like this winter has been mild), and storms are getting harsher and whatnot… blah, blah, blah.  And then he’s justified… and I can’t argue.  Crap.

So I’m a Pisces now instead of an Aries.  I really had embraced my Aries… The first zodiac sign (I’m a firstborn), fighters, organizers, independent, affectionate, sympathetic, successful, usually heads up a business… ching!  Uh, HELLO!

But hear me out… I’m now a Pisces… highly creative, imaginative, intuitive, sensitive, understanding, loyal, generous, open to new ideas, impractical, daydreamers (something I frequently got in trouble for in school), easy going and likable.  What the freakin’ heck!?  It’s like someone put everything that I’ve ever wanted to be in writing.  And when I’m in the middle of trying to make decisions to better myself and my life this seems like the perfect launch point.

I struggle with creativity.  Sometimes I get so caught up in being busy that I forget to just get alone and let myself think… I want to be that person that creativity seeps out of, but I tend to get my creativity from other sources rather from inside.  I want to be the person with new ideas, but is still able to stay organized (HA!).  I know that I can still technically claim that I’m an Aries since the signs don’t officially change until 2012, but I’m making a decision inside myself to straddle this fence… be a fighter for what I love, keep my office organized, find time for creativity, and take the time to daydream again.

Michael & Olivia Get [Engaged]… almost

There is nothing better than family.  Remember when I tweeted that my brother was in town?  Well… with 2 biological sisters, Mike is the closest thing I have to a brother.  There is no other way to describe how I feel about him, or how close Ryan and I are to him.  Well, when we heard that he wanted to “come home” for Christmas and introduce us to Olivia, we immediately opened our home.

Mike and Olivia make sense… they get each other.  They understand where the other is coming from.  They’ve had the hard talks, walk with both feet on the ground (kinda’ve :), and really, honestly, trealy, ruly love each other.  And while Mike is saving for a ring I decided that there would be no better time than the present to take advantage of a wonderful, beautiful situation (Me & them in the same state with a camera… uh, HELLO!)  … so we headed out back and did a quick little (almost) engagement shoot in the snow.  Ah-MAZING! (my voice just got real high pitched on that last one)… enjoy!  And Liv?  Welcome to the family… sis.

And my favorites…

2011… Here we go…

I’ll be honest… 2011 scares me to death.  I feel change coming… big change.  And I’m not sure what form it’s going to take.  2011 scared me so much that I didn’t want to approach my New Year’s Resolutions without really taking some time to think through what I actually wanted to do this year… so here we go…

I want to close the gap between capturing an event and sneak peeking it.  I’ve gotten really bad about putting sneak peek’s up before my couple’s actually see their entire gallery.  Some photographers prefer for their clients to see everything before “something,” but I would much rather build anticipation.

I want to start building custom wedding websites for my couple’s.  I have the capability, just not a whole lot of time.  I need to come up with a great template that I can build my couple’s own personal style off of… all while keeping the Rachel Fesko Photography style.

Lastly… I’m going to be more vulnerable.  This isn’t just a want… this is something I’m going to do.  It’s an active choice that I have to make.  2010 was a hard year for Ryan and I… we had to walk through some big disappointments, forgive … A LOT, and CHOOSE to move on… and I’m tired of being closed off.  So there will be more posts, more often and more of my life… more Ginger, more Schroeder, more Ryan.

Hope that’s okay 🙂

PS… The winner of the iTunes gift card is JENNIFER!  LOVED your answer about capturing things that you may miss or not see… Email me girl!