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Carrie has become one of my best friends.  So when I got 3 phone calls from her yesterday I got worried… she NEVER calls me 3 times in 1 day.  When we finally got on the phone at 10pm last night she told me she was in the hospital… 5cm dilated… 5 1/2 weeks early. …

Joanna Furr -

So precious! I even teared up…. Congrats Syferts!

Ashley Gillett -

Aw Rachel, these are so sweet. What a perfect little baby. 🙂

It was a red eye… normally I LOVE flying red eyes because I can sleep through anything.  Last night was not the case, and could be the reason I will NEVER fly a red eye again. If you’ve been following my tweets or emailed me, you know that I’ve been at WPPI (Wedding & Portrait…

Kari -

This is such an amazing story. So uplifting, and it really is a miracle that all of your notes were there! God bless Continental!

Jackie -

Great story, so glad it worked out for you. And you are totally right you never hear the great stories about flights, thanks for sharing!

Travis Williams -

wow… what a great story (well… the end of course) but I love the transparency with which you tell it. Thanks so much for opening up this learning lesson to us all. I love that what you learned in the end was something even the notes couldn’t have taught you.

as a brother in Christ… it’s fun to see how the Lord had watch over your belongings the whole time !

Godspeed Rachel,

– Travis

Hilary Mercer -

Super glad you got some sleep. .. And found your notes. 🙂

Jessica Keener -

Wow Rachel! How heart wrenching that must have been. So glad it came through for you and that you made it safely to Charlotte.

Shahn and Carrie are an amazing couple.  I photographed their wedding back in 2009, and now they’ve decided to expand their family… and although I’m not allowed to tell if it’s a boy or a girl… or any names they’re thinking about… I knew a post was in order before their little one arrived into…

Joanna Furr -

this last pic cracks me up! i assume those are her go-to cravings? =)