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Scott & Michelle Get [Engaged]!

Ryan and I belong to a really amazing church, and our church belongs to a really amazing denomination.  (Pastor) Scott oversees all of the churches in the Southeast District for Foursquare (not the app or the game… the denomination), and he’s met the most amazing woman.  Scott and Michelle met during our National Foursquare conference in Atlanta, where Pr. Scott was the host and currently resides.  Pr. Scott saw Michelle, and stumbled all over himself while making introductions.  In his words, “As she got closer my heart began to pound, my knees began to grow weak and I started to sweat…I felt like a young kid all over again!!  I reached out my hand and all I could think to say was…”have we met”?  Seriously?  This was all I could say?”

After becoming her friend on Facebook (ah, Facebook) and having many, many conversations they took the next step and things got a little more serious.  Pr. Scott is Michelle’s first relationship… EVER!  Yeah, that’s right… EVER.  And because of Pr. Scott’s position in the denomination there were all of these logistics to figure out, people to run things by and… a cross country move to coordinate.

First off… I love Michelle.  I’ve known Pr. Scott for a little while, and while he’s a great guy, Michelle is a woman after my own heart… she lives in SoCal, and we graduated from the same college.  And I feel that there’s just this unspoken bond between people that have had In-n-Out (haha).

I was so honored to be able to capture their Get [Engaged] session, and will be even more excited to capture their wedding in SoCal in May!  Hope you guys enjoy.

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