Monthly Archives: April 2011

3 Things I’m leaving in March

March has been horrible.  I’m over it, seriously.  I had two really amazing weddings, but other than that… over it.

First off, my business account was hacked and drained.  Now, I got all the money back, but still!

Three days after my funds were returned my father in law has a major heart attack… at 1 in the morning, and we spent the rest of the morning at the hospital.

A week later I get sick for 10 days (and counting).

I was ready for today, April 1st.  The beginning of a new month, albeit April Fools Day, but a new month none the less (and it’s my birthday month)!  I’m ready to walk into wedding season knowing that it’s a NEW season full of possibilities, and hopeful about the days to come.  I know that I’m in a better place because I was forced to sit, rest, think and process… things that I’m not able to do often because I have such a drive to do, do, do.  And since I had to just “be” for a while my creative juices were renewed, and amazing things started brewing.

I’ve had a camera in my hands since I can remember, but turning my hobby into a job has it’s downfalls.  The pros SO outweigh the cons, but I lost a hobby… my creative, energizing, rejuvenating time of detachment where I can clear my head and move forward.  In the middle of being sick I found my drawing pad, and my journal.  And I was able to detach from work and finally just be.  It’s that excitement and inner renaissance that has me excited for April… ahhh… Spring.  And I leave you with my first photography love… a landscape.