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Jacob & Jennifer Get [Married]!

Ok, so I loved these guys from the get go.  They were funny, personable and had such a clear vision of what they wanted their wedding day to be… relaxed, fun and SOUTHERN!  And oh boy was it!  They had signature cocktails, bow ties, cornhole and a big tulle ballgown…  I loved every single detail.  Thanks to Jess Keener for assisting, and Wedding Row for the feature!

Ceremony & Reception: Deerpond Plantation
Bride’s Dress: Provonias
Cake: Blushing Bake Shop
Suits: Jos. A Banks
Bowties: The Tie Bar
Flowers: Morrocroft Harris Teeter
DJ: VWE Entertainment
Catering: Something Classic
Rentals: Party Reflections

And my favorite…

Get [Personal]: Plastic Bags and Excercise Balls

My dog has turned into a menace.  I mean, he’s completely adorable… but a menace.  Have you met Schroeder?  No?  Okay… Everyone this is Schroeder, Schroeder – Everyone. 

Okay.  So little known facts about my adorable, menacing dog…  He’s scared of plastic bags.  We could chase him around the house scared to death as long as we were shaking or carrying any form of plastic bag.  He’s scared of my exercise ball… again, we roll it around the house and chase him with it.  Hmmm… this doesn’t sound so great… maybe we’re the menacing ones… or he’s just trying to get me back.  Anyway.  Schroeder has officially entered the destructive, chewing phase of puppy hood.  And it wouldn’t be so bad if it was just his toys or bone… no… it was my wedding shoes.  The original wedding shoes I had lent to someone who’s dogs chewed them up and she replaced (but we all know that THOSE shoes are not replaceable).  So this is the replacement pair… or was.
Beautiful right… let’s zoom in shall we?
Those are bite marks… oh wait, it gets better…
Gotta love this hole…
And the punctures straight through…
So, needless to say I have now blocked my closet with plastic bags and my exercise ball.

Randy & Ashley Get [Married]!

It was awkward… really awkward.  At first.  Until I met Ashley.  When I heard that my X had gotten engaged I sent him a nice Facebook message congratulating him, and said that if he needed anything to let me know.  And he did.  They were down to the last few details and didn’t have a wedding photographer, enter Rachel.  The great thing was that after I met Ashley one on one everything was great, and the awkwardness totally faded.  Until I ran into Randy’s mom at the wedding… forgot she was going to be there…  hmmm.  But seriously, this wedding was an absolute pleasure to shoot and be a part of.  The scenery in Rhode Island was just breathtaking, and I seriously considered moving to the coast after spending an afternoon there.  Ashley just got into the doctorate program for dentistry at UNC Chapel Hill, and knowing he couldn’t live without her Randy decided to move too.  Congrats you guys, all the best!

Ceremony/Reception: Quonset O Club
Dress: Group USA
Bridesmaids: David’s Bridal
Tux’s: Men’s Warehouse
DJ: Bryan Bailey
Flowers: DIY

Bridal shots on the beach…
These trees only bloom for 2 weeks out of the year in RI… and Randy & Ashley just happened to pick the right date.
My favorites…