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Yay for Love!

Christmas is gone and the New Year is on it’s way.  Weddings are scarce this time of year, but engagements… oh. my. lord.  Everywhere I look someone is getting engaged or knows someone that got engaged.  Because really… there is no better gift to give your girl than diamonds with a promise attached to it.  So in light of this amazing season of engagements that is upon us I decided to be a bit generous myself…

Any couple that signs a wedding contract with me between now and January 31st will receive an 16×24 canvas or engagement guest book included free in their wedding package!

BUT WAIT!  There’s MORE!

Any couple that has ALREADY BOOKED and refers a couple that ends up signing a contract will also receive an engagement guest book or canvas as apart of THEIR wedding package!  Awesome sauce, right?  Well yeah… I thought so too.

So guys… get to proposing.  And gals… call me, k?



Happy Boxing Day!

Well, happy Boxing Day all.  I think I like Boxing Day just a tad more than Christmas… well, minus getting/giving presents.  With two families close by it’s always a stretch to spend enough time with everyone, and sometimes a bit stressful trying to make sure no one feels jipped.  Things were so much simpler when we were younger… I remember living at home, and the day after Christmas was always us girls curled up on the couch in our Christmas PJ’s watching old movies all day.  We’d eat the leftovers from Christmas dinner (which for some reason we always ate on Christmas Eve?), drink Hot Cocoa (or decaf now that we’re older) and usually break out a game of Uno at some point in the evening.  It was a day just to be together.

Well, now that we’re older it’s the day of Christmas returns.  I can call my sister, Beth, and she’s probably out at the mall returning the things we gave her to get the things she really wanted.  Michelle is probably working or scoping out the deals, and my parents have probably already started “de-Christmasing” the house.  But here at the Fesko’s… I think I’m just going to curl up on the couch with my son, put White Christmas on the tele and exhale Christmas slowly.  Not that any of the latter things are horrible or to be frowned upon… I think I just like having an excuse to be lazy and hold family close for one more day.

And in that spirit… I hope you enjoy our Christmas card.

Images are courtesy of Rooftop Studios
Cards were printed through Millers on their Premium Cotton paper

Alex & Melanie Get [Married]

Alex and Melanie met on the first day of class at Clemson University in 2003… now it wasn’t all bubbles and roses after that first impression, but let’s just say that they grew on each other over the next year and a half.  After their (eventual) official first date it was over from there, they knew they were supposed to be together.

Alex and Melanie’s wedding was probably one of the most creative weddings I had been to in a while, where the couple had done 100% of the planning and decorating themselves.  I absolutely adored her dress and cake topper!  Not to mention their “thumb tree” guest book, which Alex drew himself (complete with their cats); and of which I had him draw one for me to hang in my own house (sans thumbs).

A huge thanks to Dana Mackay for traveling down to Columbia with me to shoot this!

Wedding & Reception: The Jasmine House – Columbia, SC
Dress: Casablanca from Mecklenburg Bridal
Shoes: Ivanka Trump
Bridesmaids: Dessy
Tux’s: Calvin Klein from Men’s Wearhouse
Veil: Jet Taylor Bridal
Hair and Makeup: Heather Bryson from The Look
DJ: Lake Murray DJ Service
Cake: Vintage Bakery
Topper: Goose Grease


Oh how I loved this dress…

Alex’s handiwork…

Love this shot of Mel with her Dad…
Mel… you’re a killer…