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The Jenkins Get [Together]!

Ladies and Gents… meet my second family!  Pastor Dale, Carrie, Gabby and Kaleb.  You may not see family photos on my website, as it’s mostly geared towards my passion (weddings), but I will occasionally do family sessions for the families that ask, or have grown since the wedding day.

I don’t think I have enough words to express how amazing this family is, and how great our time was together.  When Pastor Dale contacted me about taking their family photos, I was trying my hardest to sound composed over the phone… because on the other end I was doing a little happy dance (haha)!  As you can see there was plenty of laughter, some amazing shots, and absolutely beautiful light.  Hope you all enjoy!

And this is the photo they chose for their canvas… LOVE!  Carrie likes to call the white wash the “Rachel Fesko Special”… just for future reference (wink, wink).  Have a great day ya’ll!

Mike & Meredith Get [Married]… and featured!

Mike and Meredith were one of my favorite couples last year.  With both of them currently serving as officers in our nations Army there were so many amazing things they wanted their wedding to be about, and the main one was honoring the legacy of military service in their families.  After meeting at Fort Bragg while Meredith was finding a place to live, they were pretty much hooked on each other from the get go.  I remember meeting with them initially, and having the “what if” conversation.  You see, Mike was scheduled to be deployed soon, but with no viable date in their hands all of their plans were tentative at best.  When I got the email about Mike being deployed before they could get married I was saddened, but I knew that postponing was the best thing in the long run.  What we ended up with was this beautiful day in the middle of January (if you can believe it), with enough warmth that everyone was comfortable outside, and enough sunshine to create some magic.  I held onto this post for the longest time, and greatly appreciate all of the vendors not blogging this either.  The result was a gorgeous two page spread in this quarter’s edition of Carolina Bride.  I’m hoping that as Mike and Mer are currently serving our country overseas, that we somehow find a way to get a copy in their hands!  Enjoy!

Bride’s Dress & Bridesmaids: David’s Bridal
Tux:  Dress Blue’s and Men’s Warehouse
Flowers: New Creations Flower Co.
Cake: Ella’s Art
Rentals: Creative Solutions
Venue: The Dairy Barn at Anne Springs Close Greenway

And my favorites…

Tim & Lauren Get [Engaged]… and featured!

I remember sitting at the restaurant waiting for Tim and Lauren to arrive, seeing this gorgeous couple walk up the sidewalk and wishing out loud that they were my couple… and they were!  Lauren is a makeup artist at Dollface Skin and Makeup Lounge off South Blvd.  As a fellow creative professional she came to the table chalked full of all these great ideas, and between the two of us we managed to come up with an amazing session!  You can read their full story in this quarter’s edition of Carolina Bride!  I can’t wait to see all of the amazingness she comes up with for their May wedding!  Enjoy!

And my favorite…