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Ladies and Gents… meet my second family!  Pastor Dale, Carrie, Gabby and Kaleb.  You may not see family photos on my website, as it’s mostly geared towards my passion (weddings), but I will occasionally do family sessions for the families that ask, or have grown since the wedding day. I don’t think I have enough words to…

Carrie Buchanan Jenkins -

Loved having this photo shoot done. For those who have teens at home…get some family shots before they head to college. It's worth it!

David Berry -

Man these photos are GREAT! What and beautiful family.

Trey Siner -

Fantastic Photos!

Jeff Hamilton -

Please stop posting pictures…

It reminds me of how much I miss ya'all. @Ryan Fesko, you have a talented wife!

Rachel Fesko -

Thanks Pr. Jeff! Miss you guys too!

Mike and Meredith were one of my favorite couples last year.  With both of them currently serving as officers in our nations Army there were so many amazing things they wanted their wedding to be about, and the main one was honoring the legacy of military service in their families.  After meeting at Fort Bragg…

Sunny Hutchinson -

Beautiful, as always! 🙂 Her dress is faaaaaabbbbulous!

Jessica @Jessica Keener Photography -

I especially love the detail shots and the silhouetted shot during the ceremony. Beautiful! Such lovely lighting!

I remember sitting at the restaurant waiting for Tim and Lauren to arrive, seeing this gorgeous couple walk up the sidewalk and wishing out loud that they were my couple… and they were!  Lauren is a makeup artist at Dollface Skin and Makeup Lounge off South Blvd.  As a fellow creative professional she came to…