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Family Photo Contest!

This month has been a roller coaster, to say the least.  With so much going on I’ve barely had the opportunity to keep up with blogging… ACK!

However, I’m so excited about the upcoming mini-sessions, and am so thrilled that the response has been so great!  With only a few spots left I thought it would be a great idea to have a contest!

So… I was really ugly as a kid.  I’m surprised I had any friends at all… seriously.  And we couldn’t afford the glasses I wanted, so I ended up with these things as big as saucers… and ended up having the same pair as a 65 year old woman at church.  Not kidding.  I think there’s a reason I was always behind the camera.

See???  Aren’t they horrible?  And look at the size of my forehead in the one on the right.

Worst ballet pose ever!  And who in their right mind lets themselves be photographed with a zit on their chin (on right)??

Ok… so here’s the deal… I showed you mine, now you have to show me yours!

Contest Rules:

1. Must be over the age of 18 to enter
2. Must be free May 12th for a mini session (session will only be rescheduled in case of weather)
3.  LIKE “Rachel Fesko Photography” on Facebook
4. Email your WORST family photo to: with “Worst Family Photo” in the subject line.
5. You have until Thursday May 3rd, 2012 to send in your photos
6. I will upload a gallery to my Facebook Fan Page with all of the photo entries, and the picture with the most “likes” (not comments) gets the free mini session!

Contest ends Wednesday May 9th, 2012 at 11:59pm. Already scheduled sessions are not eligible.  Winners will be notified via email, facebook and twitter.  Session includes 30 minutes of camera time, 3 digital files and 3 prints.

Good luck!!

Jessica’s Get [Glamorous] Session!

So, I seriously have the BEST bride’s EVER!  And Jess is no exception.

A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook that I needed a bridal model for an idea that struck me.  One of the benefits of liking my Facebook page is that every once in a while I need models… which means you get a free session!

Jess was one of the first people to respond, and was so sweet to get off early from work so we could do the session with plenty of light.  I was so thrilled that Jess wanted to do the session; first of all because she’s GORGEOUS, and secondly because she wanted to have a bridal session before her wedding last August but couldn’t work it into the budget.  I was so excited to catch the spring blooms, and drag out the infamous purple couch.  Enjoy!

Dress: Anjolique
Bouquet: Carolyn Shepherd Design Group

In forgetting my ladder, I had to climb the tree for this shot… but I think it turned out so much better than it would have!

Personal: Saying Goodbye

As some of you know, I lost my father-in-law last week.  I was given an opportunity to speak during the memorial service, and afterwards I was amazed when one of my friends commented about how close my father-in-law and I were.  I remember driving to Nevada from California with Ryan to meet his family for the first time.  He kept telling me how gruff and “not talkative” his Dad was… I refused to believe that my fiance, the warmest, kindest person I knew, came from a gruff Dad.  Determined to break through any barrier I walked in the house, gave him a hug, kiss on the cheek and called him “Dad.”  That seemed to do the trick.  We had been close since that moment.

After they moved from Nevada to North Carolina we could usually be found on holidays, birthdays and random family gatherings at their home.  Any time Ryan and I would come over to their house it was always the same… hug, kiss on the cheek and a “Hi, Dad.”  Except one time, I caught him before he could get up out of his chair in the office… I plopped down on his lap, hugged him and just rested my head on his shoulder.  He then told everyone else to leave the room, and we were going to chat.  Which we did… for about a minute :).  Or when he had his heart attack last March… and under heavy drugs he told everyone that I was his favorite child (something I will never let anyone forget).

Now, I go over to the house, turn my head to where his office is… there’s no puff of cigarette smoke going out the window, no feet up on the chair resting, no baseball game on, no computer humming… I think that’s when it hit me… that he was gone.  I know I saw him in the hospital bed, watched the nurses turn off the machines and saw his heart stop beating… but it wasn’t until that moment of looking to the right, expecting to see him that it hit me.  I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have the reassurance that I would see him in heaven, or if it wasn’t for the Holy Spirit being my comforter in these moments.  I don’t know how people handle death without God there holding them through it; because I know I need to be held, but I know my husband is hurting more than I am.

Dad’s last request to me was about a week before Thanksgiving last year.  All he wanted was a picture of all of us together.  I was more than happy to oblige, and I felt that we needed it to be a big deal.  So I brought out the backdrop, waited until the light was perfect and dragged everyone out into the driveway while the sun was setting.

I ran into a photographer friend of mine this week, and she complimented me on the photos we took that day.  She said that as photographers our lives are wrapped around taking pictures of everyone else’s happy memories, and that we forget to capture our own families memories.  She told me that she committed herself to taking more pictures of her family this year… me too.  I’m so thankful that every time there was a birthday or holiday Mom and Dad Fesko always brought out the camera, and I’m resolved to do that more.


I’m so thankful that I had the last 7 years with you.  I hope that when you got to heaven Jesus had already finished up that log cabin retirement home you promised you’d build Mom, so you could rest and just chat with Him on the front porch.  I hope you get to do all the things you missed, and you couldn’t do because of your health.  I hope you know we love you and miss you; but I’m so thankful that you have full use of your heart, veins, lungs and legs again.  I know it’s going to be a while, but just save a spot on your lap for me so we can talk again okay?  And find my grandfather, and my “uncle” Paul… give them a hug for me.  I know you guys would all get along.  I’ll miss you everyday.

Your Favorite – Rachel

Dad trying to be serious… and the result…