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This month has been a roller coaster, to say the least.  With so much going on I’ve barely had the opportunity to keep up with blogging… ACK! However, I’m so excited about the upcoming mini-sessions, and am so thrilled that the response has been so great!  With only a few spots left I thought it…

Tara Blalock Mauldin -

first of all, you were NOT an ugly child, and take this from me, a mother, you were beautiful and still are. 😉 secondly great idea and I can't wait to see the submissions! xoxo…t

Joanna Turner Furr via Facebook -

Bahahaha! Love this 🙂 I had some pretty sweet glasses too! Oh the pics I could show you….

So, I seriously have the BEST bride’s EVER!  And Jess is no exception. A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook that I needed a bridal model for an idea that struck me.  One of the benefits of liking my Facebook page is that every once in a while I need models… which means you get a…

Kristin Privette Byrum via Facebook -

soooo gorgeous! those trees are to die for!

Kristin Byrum -

Stunning shots Rachel!!!! so in love with these!

Tim Goates via Facebook -

Wow, I’ve never seen Ryan look better!! He did say he got that model gig!! Lol

Mark Santo via Facebook -

Great work;-)

Laura Beth Bills -

So gorgeous! Where is this?

Dana Mackay -

One of the many favorite brides you have featured. LOVE this session. So pretty!

As some of you know, I lost my father-in-law last week.  I was given an opportunity to speak during the memorial service, and afterwards I was amazed when one of my friends commented about how close my father-in-law and I were.  I remember driving to Nevada from California with Ryan to meet his family for…

Crista Stubbs -

Absolutely amazing story. Thanks for the inspiration. My prayers are with you and your family to help you get through such a heavy burden.

Kristin Roy via Facebook -

Tears! What a beautiful tribute.

Julie Phillips Staley via Facebook -

precious <3 there will be so many sweet reunions in heaven one day!

May Rosenlund -

*tears* I'm so glad you got 7 years with him, Rachel. What a nice tribute. Take care of Ryan for all of us back in MA that can't hug him and be there for him. You guys will make it through this with Him by your side. 🙂

Alex Perez -

cried like a little baby, you still have a puertorican family that will love you guys forever.

Kathy McKenzie Dimoff -

What beautiful memories you will have. Your family is in my thoughts.

Sandy Pope Wilson -

Rachel, you always have the most beautiful pictures and a lovely tribute to Bob Fesko 🙂