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Matt & Sarah Get [Married]… and Featured!

Matt & Sarah met at the local watering hole in DC after her softball team and his kickball team had finished playing.  About a year and half after they started dating Matt received a job offer in Charlotte, and when they arrived at the airport to say goodbye Matt went down on one knee and asked Sarah to marry him at the curbside check in.  Rather than have their wedding and reception back in DC, Matt and Sarah decided to introduce their friends and family to the Queen City in style.

This wedding was absolutely nothing short of amazing!  Knowing that everything was happening outside I stood outside on the lawn looking towards the dark clouds approaching from Lake Wylie praying.  30 minutes before the ceremony started I was amazed when I literally watched the clouds split and go around the gardens.  This wedding was perfection.  Everything from the dress, to the DIY flowers and centerpieces, to the Smith Island Cakes Sarah had flown in from her hometown bakery.  That, coupled with the creative freedom we were given to roam the grounds at sunset made this day one I will never forget.  So grateful to Carolina Bride for publishing this amazing wedding, and to Dana Mackay for her fabulous job second shooting!

Wedding & Reception: Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens
Dress: Melissa Sweet for Priscilla of Boston
Bridesmaids: Ann Taylor
Suits: Calvin Klein from Men’s Warehouse
Flowers: DIY
Rings: Diamonds Direct
Invitations: Red Stone Press
Band: The Dickens
Catering: Best Impressions
Rental & Lawn Setup: Creative Solutions

Fall Intern Wanted!

Hey all!  RFP is currently seeking an extremely energetic, outgoing, willing to do anything required INTERN for the Fall wedding season!  If you feel like you can handle the job description, and would love the opportunity to work alongside an experienced photographer hit me up!

You will assist & observe while I shoot on-location sessions and weddings.  I will do my best to teach you what I know as we go through the motions of each day. Basically how I shoot, why I shoot the way I do, and run my photography company. I am more than willing to critique your work and give advice when asked of me. Think of it as a long tern one-on-one mentoring session using hands on learning, and without paying ridiculous workshop fees. You cannot possibly learn everything there is to know about running a photography company successfully in a one or two day workshop. I have around 8 weddings (so far) this Fall with a few out of town weddings, however they are within driving distance of Charlotte, and you are more than welcome to ride with me. This is an unpaid internship, and you must be prepared to be at the Saturday weddings ALL DAY LONG.

Must be a quick & eager learner, professional, teachable, a problem-solver, & very creative. Intern needs to be interested in doing whatever is needed in the moment.  This is a largely non-shooting, observing, helping position.  You are welcome to bring your camera as long as you understand that shooting will not be your main focus.  Lastly, you (the intern) must be a loyal person by nature. I believe myself to be very fair and loyal to others, and I do not respond well to being “screwed over”.

Mainly Saturdays, some Friday and Sunday weddings. A few weekdays if engagement sessions are scheduled, and are not able to be photographed solo.

Please email me the following:
1. Name & a bio pic (I like to visualize who I am talking to)
2. A little story about yourself and answering the following questions:
a. When and how did you become interested in photography?
b. Why do you want to be a photographer?
c. Why you want to intern for me & learn from me?
d. What you are hoping to gain out of this whole experience?
3. Three non-related references (names, email, phone numbers).
4. You must agree to sign a contract with me during this internship.
5. You cannot already own your own photography business or plan on starting one within the next year.
6. You must possess the ability to laugh at just about anything. And I mean anything.

PS> Stephanie may want to interview you as well!


Brandon & Alicia Get [Engaged]!

Brandon and Alicia were some of my most fun loving clients this Spring, and I love them for that.  We had originally scheduled their engagement session for a weekend in April, however my father in law’s memorial service ended up being planned for the same day as their shoot.  When I called them to explain the situation they couldn’t have been more understanding or sympathetic.  I don’t know if any other bride would have traveled to Charleston 2 weeks before her wedding to photograph their session, but I’m so glad they did.  We captured some amazing images (in between rain clouds), and had a fantastic time hanging out.  Love these guys, and I can’t wait to share their wedding!  And I apologize ahead of time for the picture overload… but seriously, it was Charleston… how could I not??

And… my favorite…