Monthly Archives: December 2012

Christmas is gone and the New Year is on it’s way.  Weddings are scarce this time of year, but engagements… oh. my. lord.  Everywhere I look someone is getting engaged or knows someone that got engaged.  Because really… there is no better gift to give your girl than diamonds with a promise attached to it….

Well, happy Boxing Day all.  I think I like Boxing Day just a tad more than Christmas… well, minus getting/giving presents.  With two families close by it’s always a stretch to spend enough time with everyone, and sometimes a bit stressful trying to make sure no one feels jipped.  Things were so much simpler when…

Nydia Evelyn Gomez-Perez -

love it!

Alex and Melanie met on the first day of class at Clemson University in 2003… now it wasn’t all bubbles and roses after that first impression, but let’s just say that they grew on each other over the next year and a half.  After their (eventual) official first date it was over from there, they…

Stacy Bartel -

Beautiful work, my friend! BEAUTIFUL couple! <3