Monthly Archives: January 2013

Try. Finish. Fail. 2013.

When I was 14 years old my Dad paid me $10 to read Maxwell’s “Failing Forward.”  I was battling with depression, and hating how I had walked through my freshman year at a new school.  So my Dad, being ever the wise teacher he was, pointed me to a solution.  Failing Forward has become my motto for the last 5 years.  It’s taught me to be fearless in my business decisions, and to always ask the question even if I believe the answer will be “no.”  Because the bottom line is that you don’t always learn from success… failure is a much better teacher.  And as I sit here on the couch, with a fussy newborn finally asleep cradled in the crook of my lap, typing this blog that I wanted to write 12 hours ago I realize that I’m still living one of those principles… better late than never.

Last year was full of things I wanted to do, and either never got around to it, forgot about it or decided it wasn’t worth my time.  Most of the things I never even tried to do… So instead of having a “New Years Resolution” list this year, I’m daring to do things and learn from the failure… and while these things may seem fundamental, they are all things I failed to do in 2012.