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Fall Family Sessions…

It’s a little late, I know… especially with Spring right around the corner here in NC.  However, I had some super stellar clients for my Fall Mini Sessions, and am just now getting the chance to show them off.  Hope you enjoy!

Huge thanks to Samantha from Old South Vintage Rentals, and Ribald Farms!

And some of my favorite repeat clients… the Jenkins!  Their last photo was my absolute favorite from the shoot!

Wanted: Spring Intern!

RFP is currently seeking a Spring Intern!  If you are extremely energetic, outgoing, willing to do anything… and oh, yeah… own a dslr this is for you!  If you think you can handle the job description, and would love the opportunity to work alongside an experienced photographer hit me up!

Here are some words from our previous intern, Haylie:

1. What were your primary roles & responsibilities?

-I was a third shooter for Rachel and assisted in managing all of the equipment used at each wedding/shoot. She was 5 months pregnant when she hired me as an intern, so she was looking forward to me helping carry the equipment while I was looking forward to just getting to be there. 🙂

2. Did you get to shoot? If so, what?

– Yes! I was able to shoot six weddings, and one boudoir session with Rachel. Getting the opportunity to shoot weddings under Rachel was great. Sometimes she would place me where she wanted me, to get the shots she needed and other times she would just turn to me and tell me “go have fun.”  It was a great way to learn new techniques and practice them. When I helped with the boudoir it was kind of the same method. She had me shoot a second angle for the majority of the shoot and she let me have artistic free reign with the model for the last 10 minutes. This was like a godsend for me as photographing artistic nudes are my niche. It meant a lot to me that she trusted me enough to represent her business with her client and that she valued my art form enough to emotionally support me by allowing me this opportunity.

3. What was it like working with Rachel?

– It was great! I was really able to learn from Rachel and from myself. She is very organized and is a planner. Considering I too, am a person who likes to have things planned, I felt that we worked well together. Within a week of hiring me, she gave me a list of every wedding that she wanted me to help shoot during my 3-month internship. I loved that!

4. What did you learn from the experience?

– I learned how to use my selective focus mechanism :). I had just bought a new camera before the internship and I didn’t have a copy of the manual. Rachel was kind enough to help me figure out some of the controls and settings that would deliver the best result. I learned more about off camera flash set ups. I had experience with strobes and other lighting prior to my internship, but Rachel helped me understand how to provide the studio lighting effect at a wedding using radio triggers for external flashes. We had a few talks about pricing which was definitely needed. For a long while because I was not yet comfortable with my work and myself to properly promote my work, I would charge my clients very little. Rachel helped me realize that low-balling my prices was a lose, lose, lose. It will actually turn clients away, it reduces the value of the market and the other photographers in it, and it shows potential clients that you don’t value yourself and your work enough to price your services reasonably.

5. Did you feel that it was worth your time?

-Absolutely! If I had the time I would do another internship with Rachel starting tomorrow! I am so much more confident in my craft after my time with her. After shooting a handful of weddings on my own it was great to see how someone else works. It helps you understand how to make the day go smoother, how to accomplish everything that you need to accomplish, and how to remain cool, calm and collected in the chaos.

6. How did you feel leaving the internship?

– I wish it had lasted a bit longer. Once the internship ended I found myself missing the opportunity to shoot almost every weekend like I had before. I photographed another wedding on my own after the internship ended, and I didn’t realize how much I learned and how much more confident I had become until after that last wedding. Things that would have caused me stress on the wedding day before my internship were a non-issue.

 7. What would you have done differently to gain a better experience from your internship?

– I would have asked more questions. One of the things I have learned about myself is that I tend to sit back and listen, more often than not. If I had it to do over again, I would have prepared a list of a few questions to ask every time we saw each other. These questions would include topics such as workflow, editing, lighting, and ecommerce.

**… And I’m just going to add one thing here about my conversation with Haylie… One of the reasons she jumped into the internship was because she needed to figure out what kind of photography she was interested in.  This internship is a great way to figure that out!  You may want to do weddings, but realize you don’t… you may assist on some portrait sessions and realize that’s the way you want to go… It’s a great way to get your feet wet!**

The nitty-gritty…


Must be a quick & eager learner, professional, teachable, a problem-solver & very creative. Intern needs to be interested in doing whatever is needed in the moment.

Mainly Saturdays! If you’re able to assist during weekday evenings, you can come assist for a few engagement/portrait sessions as well!

Please email me the following:
1. Name & pic
2. A little story about yourself and please answer the following questions:
.a. When and how did you become interested in photography?
.b. Why do you want to be a photographer?
.c. What are you hoping to learn?
3. Three non-related references (names, email, phone numbers).
4. You cannot already own or be starting your own photography business.
5. You must possess the ability to laugh at just about anything. And I mean anything. Because I laugh a lot… and it’s usually loud.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Laura Beth’s Get [Glamorous] Bridals!

Laura Beth was one of my all time favorite brides from 2012.  She was so easy going, super smart and absolutely gorgeous!  I’m still trying to get her wedding images published, so you’ll have to wait a little while for those… but in the meantime enjoy her gorgeous bridals from the Ballantyne Country Club!