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It was a random phone call… very random… but to say I was intrigued and honored to participate in this industry event is putting it mildly.  When Amy explained the concept of the blindfolded dinner, yes you heard that right… blindfolded, I was so excited!  And receiving the invitation in the mail only whetted my…

PassionEight Bistro -

This was a beautiful evening…let us know if anyone would care to have a "dining in the dark" experience here at PassionEight Bistro.

It’s amazing how life comes full circle… 8 years ago I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer and was introduced to Dr. Kristin Wagner (now McIntyre).  She was probably my favorite part of going through that journey (can you have a favorite part of walking through cancer?), and surprisingly I missed seeing her face after…

Susan Jackson Kelly via Facebook -

This is so sweet. I wish I had photos like this when my kids were this age!

Rachel Fesko via Facebook -

Her daughter was so sweet and animated! It definitely made my job easier 🙂

I knew Patrick and Jessica were going to be a fun couple from the first time we talked.  I had just arrived home from a session and my phone started ringing… she told me that she had just filled out my inquiry form, but wanted to call and make sure I still had her date…

Carmen Gabriela -


Jessica Bora -

Thanks cami!!

Samantha Campbell Mason via Facebook -

Jessica Bora, these look great!! Seems like it wasn’t that long ago we were singing Smash Mouth songs! Ha!

Jessica Bora via Facebook -

Haha oh my gosh. That’s hilarious ! Thanks I hope you’re doing well

Missy Hanover -

Beautiful pics Jessica. You look very much in love! Wishing you all the best God has for you!

Jessica Bora -

Thanks so much missy means a lot. He's wonderful ! I'm truly happy 🙂

Claudia G. Szenasi -

Beautiful pictures about beautiful people…I have only one thing to wish you: on your 50th anniversary to be as happy as you were in these pictures! Hugs and kisses <3.

Viorica Lobont -

They are soo beautiful!

Maria Bora Deznan -

Btfl couple love it