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Can I just say how much I love these two?  Ben and Sarah have been nothing but a fun and exciting couple to work with.  They have just exuded excitement over getting married, and have had nothing but complete trust in their vendors to make it happen. Ben and Sarah met in college… well, they…

Stephanie Grooms -

WOW! I look at loads of wedding blog posts, such is the life with so many talented friends, BUT honestly, this is one of the most lovely I've ever seen! Adorable couple, amazing details and that shot with Grandpa….OH MY GOSH! Incredible!

Lisa Norris Warth -

Great job Rachel. Lots of awesome pictures. LOVED the Grandpa shot!

Eric Warth -

I looked at these while having Natalie Cole's version of 'Feels like being in love' playing. Very sweet. The tux's are a nice touch.

Steve Gregory -

Beautiful pictures from a beautiful wedding! It was a magical day!

I still couldn’t believe the email when it came through… My wedding had gotten picked up by who?  The Knot… really!? I don’t think an image release had been signed quicker in the history of mankind.  I’ve been scouring Harris Teeter for about a week now looking for the latest issue to appear with no…

Susan Jackson Kelly via Facebook -

Love it!!

Donna Walters Cox via Facebook -

Beautiful wedding, great pictures!

Donna Walters Cox on Facebook -

Beautiful wedding, great pictures!

Jess Keener -

Everything about this wedding is so so lovely! I especially love the image of him kissing her on the cheek against the checkered wall! Gorgeous!

Nancy E. Mazzucco-Usuff -


Debrah Garlington-Woods -

Very Nice! I love the dress shot from the bottom…awesome! Beautiful work!

Yay for backyard weddings!! Part of me loves doing things away from the norm… The number of smaller, backyard, at home weddings I’ve had the opportunity to photograph this season has been heartwarming.  I have so enjoyed being welcomed into my couple’s homes and seeing their everyday life… well… sort of their every day life!…

Kim Cygan -

Beautiful pictures!

Teresa Terri Brannon Floyd -


Sherry Greene -

Beautiful wedding, and couple!

Audra Campbell Smith -

Leigh this is so great! I loved being able to re-live your beautiful moments.

Suzan Greene -

This was an absolutely fabulous wedding. Perfect!

Linda Coffey -

This is one of the most gorgeous and unique wedding's I have ever seen. What style. Many happy wishes to the couple. Beautifully done. And the photography was amazing.