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AJ & Kim Get [Engaged]!

Is it wrong to say that I really love these guys??  Oh my lord if we didn’t have the BEST time traipsing through Atlanta to get these shots.  Kim and AJ were all excited and kept saying, “Wait until you see the skyline!”  I was like… Uh, you guys we’re in a park… with really big trees… where’s the … OH! Wow… the skyline.  Oh the skyline.
From our first meeting back in January I knew these guys were going to be fun… we laughed and talked through the entire session.
And then we headed to the Fox Theatre for a completely different look…
Hello!  Red soles… that can only mean one thing in the world of shoes… Louboutin, baby.
Ok, you two… seriously, stop it.  Save some of it for the wedding will ya?  And let’s grab dinner again next time we’re in the same city. XOXO!