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It took three days… I read all three books in three days and I was hooked.  Like everyone else, I formed mental images of what the chapters held, and was a captive audience until the very last page.  Then the movie came out… I bought tickets in advance, was in line at midnight, and I…

Tara Blalock Mauldin -

super neat idea! I remember last year when the kids and I were coming home from a mountain trip. we decided to take the next exit to grab a quick bite. took a wrong turn…thank goodness…and landed right where you shot these sessions. to say that mia is a hunger games fanatic is an understatement…she went BERSERK!!!! and it was allllllll an accident! talk about kismet. yes…super cool place to shoot…you're so creative Rachel. xoxo!!!

Rachel Fesko -

Tara, it was actually you telling me that story that inspired my original idea of shooting there!

Heather Huffman Littrell -

Love these photos! Amazing!

Tara Blalock Mauldin -

oh no way!!! hahahaha! who knew I was a collaborator???!!!! 🙂

I seriously can’t believe the holiday season is right around the corner!!  And you know what THAT means!  RFP’s annual holiday mini’s! We only have a limited number of sessions available! Images and cards will arrive in time for you to send them out to your loved ones for your season’s greetings. If you have…

Rachel Fesko on Facebook -

Kaleb Jenkins, uh.. dur!

Katie Kulovitz on Facebook -

Wish we were in nc for this!

Rachel Fesko on Facebook -

Me too, Katie!! Miss you guys!