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I can’t tell you how excited I am to shop small this weekend.  With the overabundance of greed pouring out from the national chains such as Kohl’s, Best Buy, Target and (the very worst) KMart and Big Lots… I am more determined than ever to shop small, rather than give the huge money mongers my…

Hi All!  I am SO excited to be offering this calendar to raise support for the O’Toole’s while they are ministering to the city of Galway, Ireland.  I have posted most of the pictures included in the calendar below. Cost: $20 + shipping Production Time: Should take 7-10 days + shipping time. Should arrive in time…

Kristen Dolce Shea -

Hi! I just pre-ordered the calendar but it doesn't look like they charged for the shipping. Can you send an invoice through paypal for the difference? Thanks!

Rachel -

Absolutely! Thanks for that… Fixing now.

David Dale -

This is fantastic what a way to support your mission to Galway !!

Lori Hatcher -

I'm getting one! Whoop! <3 Dashboard Jesus calendar next year!? lol

Rachel -

Actually… we’re going to do 2 calendars! A desktop Dashboard Jesus and a scenic wall calendar. It’s going to be epic!

Melinda Mazzola -

Rachel, Are we still able to order these calendars in time for Christmas? Thanks!

Terry Hernandez -

Gorgeous photographs! They make me want to visit Ireland myself so I can experience its beauty first hand.

Rachel -

Melinda, I’m so sorry that I didn’t see this! I wasn’t alerted to comments! If you would still like to order a calendar I can ship it out priority first thing Monday.

Rachel Fesko -

Hi Melinda! I'm so sorry I didn't see this until now. I wasn't being alerted to Facebook comments. If you would still like to order one I can ship it out first thing Monday. I only have a few left so please let me know!

It’s weddings like Sam & Danielle’s that really make me grateful to have the job that I have, and absolutely LOVE what I do.  This wedding was so full of life, love and color that I seriously felt like I wasn’t up the the task of capturing all of the thoughtfulness and beauty that went…

Stacy Bartel -

goodness, what a fantastic wedding, Rach… I love everything!!!!!! they are cute, what a dress…her colors…her flowers…venue….. and beautiful photography, Rachel Fesko~! so happy for you! <3

Kim Cygan -

Absolutely beautiful!