Monthly Archives: January 2014

seniors: gabby

I remember photographing Gabby’s Sweet 16 two years ago.  we broke out the purple couch, got some balloons and did this great shoot in the damp, cold January weather right before her party… it was awesome.  fortunately, we did not have to go through that again for her senior pictures!  Gabby has to be one of the sweetest (and down right gorgeous) girls I had the privilege of photographing last year.

I know that Gabby is going to go far and do amazing things with her life.  she has already proven herself more than capable of greatness in being Northwest Cabarrus High School’s Class President, and organizing their first ever Winter Formal (she’s also one of our top 5 babysitters)… this girl is a firstborn and a leader if there ever was one.  I can’t wait to see what she does at Liberty this fall.  Love you girl… and I’m missing you already (and so is Ian).

MarryMint Weddings!

As I head uptown to kick off the 2014 wedding season I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to The Mint Museum for featuring my images on their new MarryMint wedding brochure.  I’m sure as a future bride you’re looking for ways to save some money (who isn’t?), and the geniuses at The Mint have come up with a great package just for you.

if you choose to get married on a Friday or Sunday, the Mint (as well as many participating vendors) is offering you a discount.  Be sure to stop at their booth at the Bridal Showcase this weekend, and talk to Todd about what they can do for you!

and if you’ve already booked The Mint for a Friday or Sunday the next thing you need to do is call me… no seriously… pick up the phone… (and please forgive the horrible scan job).