Monthly Archives: January 2014

remember last week when I was in uptown and needed a lunch buddy?  the second person I called was Mindy… that’s how amazing this couple is. I think we spent most of our initial meeting laughing and throwing sarcastic comments at each other! when I walked away I knew I was going to be heartbroken…

Mindy Goldstein -

Rachel this is amazing!! Aww, I love it and love you for you!! 🙂 Thank you so much and we're so excited to be working with you!! FOR SURE lunch next time!! xo

Heather Lewis -

Mindy, these are amazing! You look SO happy! Awe. Congratulations.

I love photographing weddings at the beach… I understand that it’s a 3+ hour drive from Charlotte… but I seriously love it.  there’s something so magical about having a couple by the water at sunset… truly nothing replaces it. I actually met Sarah a few years ago… she was Ryan and I’s waitress on Valentine’s…