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“Two tiny feet, That wave in the air… Two tiny hands, That tug at your hair.. And an adorable little face, A bundle of joy to love & embrace.” I don’t claim to be a newborn photographer… but I love it when I have clients that trust me to photograph all of their major life…

Marie Coichy Dauphin -

Beautiful!! Love you guys:-)

As a long time member of “Single Awareness Day” when I was clamoring for a get together with my single girlfriends, I was thrilled when the day after came and all of the decorations, candy and hearts were 70% off (or more!).  I was thrilled that we were now onto a more festive holiday that involved…

unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Southeast has been hammered by the largest snowstorm in over a decade.  the last snowstorm that rocked North Carolina we had some visitors… my aunt and future uncle from Louisiana.  part of the reason I bonded so quickly with my uncle-to-be was because he…

Sandra Rowell Race -

beautiful…. you and God do good work!!!

Melissa -

These are gorgeous! The last one is my favorite 🙂 So fun that you got to take advantage of this snow.

Julia James Laible -


Michelle Cross Hoefflin -

Rachel these are LOVELY. Beautiful job capitalizing on weather.

Tammie Langley -

The moment yup ousted about shooting in the snow, I couldn't wait to see your pics! Awesomely beautiful!

Kelly Gordon Cook -


Dianne Green Personett -

Love this, Rachel! can't believe she layed in the snow..awesome!

Sharon Cupp Wagner -

Absolutely gorgeous.

Rachel Fesko -

Thanks everyone! She was a total trooper and we had an absolute blast!