A Valentine’s Day Snowy Bridal Session

unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Southeast has been hammered by the largest snowstorm in over a decade.  the last snowstorm that rocked North Carolina we had some visitors… my aunt and future uncle from Louisiana.  part of the reason I bonded so quickly with my uncle-to-be was because he proceeded to pelt me with snowballs and take a pretty good beard full of snow when I “cleared off my car” in his direction.  but I digress…

This snowstorm has been gorgeous, breathtaking and as always… a bit dangerous since the South is not prepared for weather like this.  being a yankee, and having married a yankee, all I could think about was getting out in the snow and photographing a bride. but who would be crazy enough to let me shoot them in this weather?  well… Tiffany… that’s who.  I photographed Tiffany’s boudoir’s a few years ago, and knew she would be the perfect model if we could just get to one another.

After trying for 20 minutes to get my front wheel drive SUV out of my inclined gravel driveway I let her know that we had to call it off… and lamented my woes on facebook.  because there’s nothing to do other than social media on days like this, my friend Natalie called and said, “hey, where’s this shoot? where do you need to go?” and by providence they were going my way in their 4WD heavy duty truck!

I was thrilled that we were able to catch the last of the snowfall, and take full advantage of the rare occasion of snow in our backyard.  enjoy! … and Happy Valentine’s Day!


by Rachel

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Rachel Fesko Thanks everyone! She was a total trooper and we had an absolute blast!

Sharon Cupp Wagner Absolutely gorgeous.

Dianne Green Personett Love this, Rachel! can't believe she layed in the snow..awesome!

Kelly Gordon Cook Gorgeous!!

Tammie Langley The moment yup ousted about shooting in the snow, I couldn't wait to see your pics! Awesomely beautiful!

Michelle Cross Hoefflin Rachel these are LOVELY. Beautiful job capitalizing on weather.

Julia James Laible Lovely!!!

Melissa These are gorgeous! The last one is my favorite 🙂 So fun that you got to take advantage of this snow.

Sandra Rowell Race beautiful…. you and God do good work!!!

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