Best Birthday Ever

My husband is amazing.  I know there are some women who don’t have a husband who “gets” them (and although mine is still working at it after having known me almost a decade, and been married to me for almost half that), but this birthday was amazing.  I was 10 years old again.

Because I met an amazing bride and mother of the bride, I took a wedding on my birthday — and have zero regrets for doing so.  Ryan, the amazing husband, took Friday off work and took me out for the day.  We played mini golf, spent hours in the arcade and a half hour on the golf carts (which Ryan had never ridden before)!  It was a chance to be a kid again, and I laughed all afternoon.  After changing at home, we had a very romantic dinner… and then he got me home early so I could prep for my wedding on Saturday.  I love him.

Because Ryan had taken such good care of me on Friday, it allowed me to be 100% focused on my couple.  The wedding was beautiful, the couple was gorgeous; and God gave me clear, bright sky as well as my own special wind machine which gave everything this glorious, unkempt, cover girl quality that I adored (but not so much the bridal party).  When I came back from shooting the rings at the reception, I casually walked by the DJ… and he announced that the mother of the bride had informed him that it was my birthday… and then I was COMPLETELY embarrassed when the guests began singing “Happy Birthday” to me, AND I was presented with a box from Anthropologie (my favorite store evah!).  Isn’t that just the worst run-on sentence ever?

I went from feeling like my birthday was somehow insignificant, to feeling on top of the world and so completely loved.  To the 105 comments left on my Facebook Wall, 20 text messages and 1 phone call (thanks, dad)… thank you.  I love you all.
Thanks to Jamey Price for the fab photos… Even though I look like a mess… and fat.

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