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yes, yes… I know I just rebranded about a year ago… but let’s face it… nobody got it.  nobody understood that the image was a heart… everyone kept asking me “Is that a V?”  “What’s the ‘V’ in your logo for?”  and over and over and over again I would explain, “It’s a heart… it’s the way I sign my name…”  Still… no one got it.

I was also tired of this whole vintage look… the watercolor paper was nice, but not quite “me.”

who am I?  well, in a nutshell you can find me on the new website… I’m sarcastic, I’m loud, I use my hands when I talk, I snowboard, I’m obsessed with Starbucks… but more than that… I’m a photographer that likes telling a story, and not just the pretty posed images with the amazing sun flare.

The real reason I’m rebranding is because in the hustle and bustle of running a business, I lost my heart.  I lost my passion and it became just a job.  I could use the stress of being pregnant and having a child as an excuse… but I can’t… and I won’t.  you deserve more than that.  I wasn’t letting myself get in the moment with my couples, and capture all of the emotion of the day.  because let’s face it… there are some just plain awkward moments in life… and those need to be captured too.  the reasons you make each other laugh.  the way he looks at you that warms your heart and sometimes makes you cry, because out of all the women in the world you can’t believe that he chose you… that’s what needs to caught on camera to be remembered forever.

Oh… and lest I forget… a NEW COMPANY you ask?  Why yes…

the slow motion video booth!

[tentblogger-vimeo 80940676]

Thank you all for your love and support!  Keep checking back for more posts as I blog the backlog of sessions and weddings from this year!