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For the client…

I don’t know if you recently saw one of my tweets but I had a nagging question in the back of my head that needed some other professional input…

Tweet: “Quick poll: fellow photogs, do you normally capture the entire wedding processional/recessional and if so is mainly for you or the client?”

Background… I fielded a call from a very troubled Mother of the Bride that had received photos from another photographer, and needed some background information.  What do I capture, why do I capture it, how many pictures do I normally take and what does my bride normally see?  This MOB was obviously unhappy with the photos she received from her photog, but I had to take a step back and wonder… am I capturing everything that my bride’s want to see?  Am I missing important details?

When I pick up my camera during a wedding I realize that there are pictures that I don’t necessarily want to take, but I do because in essence they’re not my pictures… they’re my bride’s.  I have to think about what my bride’s priorities are, and regardless of my artistic or professional preference there are moments that are absolutely paramount to the day… Like the bride walking down the aisle with her father (especially if they haven’t done a first look and it’s her first look at her groom) and vice versa!  I HAVE to get that first look on my groom’s face when he sees his bride… and the mother crying, and the kiss… and the formals… and even if my bride orders zero pictures from it… the processional and recessional of the bridal party and family members.  Because?  It’s not about me… it’s about my couple and what they need to best tell the story of their day.

So here’s the question… Brides:  What is the ONE picture that you absolutely can’t live without when you get your wedding photos back?  Is it you walking down the aisle with your Father?  Coming back down the aisle with your new hubby?  The kiss?

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