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brett & mindy get [engaged]

remember last week when I was in uptown and needed a lunch buddy?  the second person I called was Mindy… that’s how amazing this couple is. I think we spent most of our initial meeting laughing and throwing sarcastic comments at each other! when I walked away I knew I was going to be heartbroken if they didn’t want to move forward… luckily that heartbreak never happened.

Brett and Mindy met at a work Christmas party in New York.  she came from the Chicago office, he was based in New York… they danced the night away at the party, and didn’t want to part ways.  when the time came, instead of moving to the Midwest or New York, an office opened up in Charlotte… and brought them together.  I can’t tell you how ECSTATIC I am about photographing their Biltmore wedding this May!  and hopefully Mindy will be available for lunch the next time I’m uptown. HA!


Our 2013 get [engaged] couples!!

Cheers to all of the couples who chose us to photograph their engagement session in 2013!

And I know I “technically” can’t pick any favorites… but if I could it would be the last one… my “To Catch a Thief” inspired, Charleston engagement session.

And stay tuned! Our amazing 2013 weddings are coming up next!