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Gabby’s Sweet 16!

It was raining… all day.  It was Gabby’s 16th birthday, and I was determined to get these shots in.  We packed all of our stuff into the SUV, drove out onto the trail and waited… and waited.  I’m glad we didn’t wait any longer than we did, because no sooner had we gotten back inside then the sky opened up again!

After this quick mini-session, Steph and I headed off to get the picture printed for her Sweet 16 party that night.  We got back just in time to eat, put the finishing touches on the photobooth and start shooting again!  I’ll be posting the photobooth pics soon!  In the meantime enjoy the inbetween the raindrops shots we got of Gabby! 

Reba’s Get [Famous] Senior Session!

So, Reba and I have known each other for a while.  She was in the youth group that my husband and I worked with, and we’ve stayed in touch since.  Reba has always impressed me… She’s wise beyond her years, and has this hidden depth that she doesn’t let too many people see.  She sincerely cares about people, and would do anything for her family and friends.  As soon as Reba was THINKING about her senior year she cornered me and FORCED me to shoot her session… well, maybe not forced… but there was definite begging involved.

and my favorites…