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Nicole’s Get [Glamorous] Bridals

Aaaaaaannnddd…. we’re back!  The last month has been crazy!  After being in Atlanta, Charleston, Bray’s Island and taking care of a household with bronchitis (including myself) I’d say my plate was full this last month… holy. cow. #whencanIgotothebeach??

So, apologies to those of you that have been checking the blog regularly only to keep seeing the same fabulous posts (lol).  Anyway! On to Nicole!  Can I just tell you how amazingly fabulous this girl is?  This woman planned her wedding 3 years… THREE years in advance people!  I REFUSED to sign a contract with her for her wedding because at that point in time I had no idea if we’d still be in Charlotte come June 2013, but lo and behold… we were!

We photographed Nicole’s bridals in between rain clouds at the luscious Asheville Botanical Gardens, and finished off the shoot by grabbing some grub at the nearby Mellow Mushroom. Nicole… you rocked this session out, you babe you! And I’m sorry… how gorgeous are her blue eyes?

I’m loving this new broach bouquet trend… the bouquets might be heavy as all get out, but they do make a statement… and that statement would be “WOW!”
I’m a sucker for vintage black and white… THIS shot was my absolute fave… 
Happy Monday, ya’ll!!  Enjoy that sunshine while it’s out!

Sarah’s Get [Glamorous] Bridals

Can I just say how much I love Springtime?  Despite all of the pollen and everyone’s cars turning yellow for a few weeks, I really honestly LOVE the Spring.  Everything blooms and is so gorgeous for just a few short weeks before Summer comes… luckily, this is when Sarah’s bridals were scheduled.  Everything was perfectly in bloom, and on the way to our session I stumbled upon this beautiful field that I knew would be a perfect way to wrap her shoot.

Her level of trust and availability for me to be creative was so refreshing!  We pulled over on the side of the road more than once to grab that perfect location.  And to have a bride willing to traipse out into a field and get her dress a little dirty before her wedding day was awesome… because really… it’s only dirt!

Leigh’s Get [Glamorous] Bridals

Meeting Leigh was a complete fluke… Her inquiry email had accidentally gotten pushed into my Spam folder (it happens!).  Well, like any responsible photographer I emailed her even though it had been a month since she had inquired.  Well, her first message was very polite and informed me that she had already hired her photographer… her second email was to say that her photographer was going to be unable to photograph their wedding, and she wanted to discuss me photographing it instead.  A few emails and phone calls later, and we were on!  The wedding this last weekend was a beautiful ceremony and reception held at their home in Hickory with 50 of their closest friends and family.  I loved getting to share in their special day… and have definitely become more paranoid about checking my Spam folder more often… you never know!

I will never forget what a good sport Leigh, her Mom and sister were for piling in my truck and trekking through the mud to get to this location.  It was seriously the only spot with peach blossoms that we could find!  And I love that Leigh trusted me enough to create not just the typical bridal portraits, but a work of art as well.

Being able to create images like this one is why I love the term “fine art wedding photographer.”  This is one of those images that you can hang on your wall for years; and while it remains timeless, it is a work of art featuring you.