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Pre-order: 2017 West of Ireland Calendar!

Hello Everyone!  I am so excited to team up with Tim for the 4th year and bring The West of Ireland 2017 Wall Calendar to life once again.  Inquiries are already pouring in, so again we’re offering a pre-order this year to gauge interest so we don’t over order.  Calendar’s will begin shipping the first full week of December (just in time for Christmas!).

Options for international shipping, and local pickup within the Charlotte, NC area are available.  All calendars will ship out via priority mail.

Calendar’s are saddle stitched and come with a pre-drilled hole for easy hanging.  When the calendars come in I will be sure to post pictures of their details, but know that these are good quality calendars and worth the investment.

Here are some of the lovely images Tim has chosen to fill the 2017 calendar…

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– When page refreshes, scroll to bottom and click “checkout,” you will be redirected to paypal
– If you do not have a PayPal account, please select the option to pay with a credit card

If you would like to purchase multiple copies with combined shipping, please email me for a direct invoice at:

Local Pick Up: $15.00
Calendar + Domestic Shipping: $22.00
Calendar + International Shipping $33.00

2017 West of Ireland Wall Calendar :

Thank you for supporting the O’Toole’s and their ongoing ministry in Ireland!

Motherhood: The Routine

It’s been a while since I posted about Ian and I.  Although, if you follow me on Instagram you’re pretty much up to date (pardon my horrible iphone shots to follow)…

Ryan’s job has gotten pretty demanding, he’s working late most nights which means that I’m home with the kiddo… a lot.  Some days he naps, and naps well.  Others, like yesterday, are not so accommodating.  So instead of plopping my fussy 1 year old down in front of the TV with some graham crackers, I walled him in the kitchen while I started prepping dinner, did the dishes and switched out our old broken faucet for the new one that had been sitting in a box since Christmas… yes, you read that right… I used a wrench and installed a new faucet.  Not to mention, after Ryan came home early (yay!), I ran to Home Depot (again) and bought a monkey wrench so I could FINALLY unclog the second sink in the kitchen… you don’t even want to know what was in that pipe.  OMG.

The routine with Ian was easy before… he would take 3 naps a day, and I would get work done.  Now, he takes one short cat nap in the morning (which I’m hearing rumors of that going away soon), and a decent sized nap in the afternoon.  Just enough time for me to have a cup of coffee and some Jesus time in the AM, and answer emails while prepping dinner in the PM.  Up until Daylight Savings Time Ian, at 15 months, was STILL not sleeping through the night (kill me now)… so after a lengthy discussion with some friends and re-reading my go-to parenting book, we changed his bed time and voila! he’s been sleeping through the night ever since (bless).

Here’s the best part… since making time to cook and clean up my house, I have more time for the business.  I have no idea how that’s even possible.  I’m more organized and on top of things than ever before.  I would love to attribute it to finally getting the sleep I need… but I think it’s deeper than that.

Around November/December I made the decision to start living my life based out of my priorities rather than demand.  God first, family second, business third.  You see, up until recently my business had always come first and my family suffered.  But now, even though I’m answering emails at 11pm and editing until midnight or later, things are getting done… around the house and otherwise.  It’s amazing.  I’m going to expound on the priority living as the year goes on, but the initial results have been life altering… to the point where I’m no longer anxiously checking my email while cuddling with Ian on the afternoon’s he needs it.

Life is sweet again.  I can breathe again.  Bring on the wedding season. Bring on the sweetness of Summer… I’m ready to see it all come together.


out of commission…

photo credit: @ryanfesko’s instagram (:

scared… I think that’s the best word for it. after you have had cancer, and you get this uncontrollable pain in your abdomen your brain starts working in overtime. I think deep down I knew it was appendicitis, but when you’re laying there on the couch grasping your stomach you can’t help but let your mind wander a little.

it was friday morning. ryan had just left for work and I thought I would get some rest while Ian was down for his morning nap, as I had been up with him every three hours the night before.  it was then that I knew something was wrong. I couldn’t get comfortable, and every time I moved the pain just radiated through my body… then the vomiting started. joy.

I called my doctor’s office and the triage nurse strongly suggested that I get to the ER “right away, and don’t wait.” now, if you know anything about the medical field they are trained to not panic… but when a nurse flat out says, “don’t wait” you know something is up. I called ryan’s cell… no answer… what!? you left the house for work knowing I was in pain,  and you don’t answer… ok, I’ll try your desk… no answer… WHAT!? luckily I have one of his co-workers numbers… so I called her… voicemail.  oh my God, I’m going to die right here. luckily, my mother answered her phone, dropped everything and made a beeline for my home which is only a 30 minute drive through construction on I-85. woot. okay… childcare… check. I’m a big girl… I can drive myself to the ER… right.

finally, ryan calls me back… I tell him what the nurse said, that mom was on her way and I was going to drive myself to the ER… he was home in 5 minutes. we got to the ER… more vomiting. awesome. no, I do not have the flu. the nurse ordered me into a wheelchair… great. now I’m sick and crippled. fabulous. while everyone that arrived before and after us was called back to triage, I decided to hunch over while guessing prices on every day items along with the contestants on the tele. do these people not grocery shop? finally, we were called back.  they did a quick check of my vitals, got me back to a room and had me in a backless gown in no time.  I won’t bore you with the rest of the details of the pain meds (oh the wonderful pain meds), CT scan and the conclusion… but what I do find funny is that at one point my first dose of morphine was wearing off (or the pain was increasing), and the nurse went to go get another dose.  after what felt like a half hour I looked at ryan and asked, “did they forget about me?” his reply? “honey, it’s been 5 minutes.” oh how pain distorts your perception of time when you have no clock or phone!

We arrived at the hospital at 11am and by 4 I was in surgery, in recovery by 5 and home by 6.  home by 6 after what is generally not considered an “out patient surgery.” I have to keep reminding myself that although I was in and out of the hospital in 1 day, it doesn’t minimize what happened. the worst part? I can’t lift anything over 10lbs, which includes my hulk of a son, so we’re needing people to come over and help me with the kiddo. I also can’t be on my feet for extended amounts of time, so no shoots yet. the best part? they said the surgery couldn’t have gone better, and there were no other complications that they could see.  which means… no cancer. I’m still in remission. I still have this thing beat. praise God.

a huge thank you to everyone who has sent flowers, called, texted and facebooked me.  you guys know how to make a girl feel loved. while I’m still able to edit, blog and do minimal work; I’m still being ordered to rest and recoup until Valentine’s day. although I want to get back at it 110%, I need to rest or I won’t fully heal. so I’m laying low for another week or so, but will still try to blog and keep everyone updated.  love you all!