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I love photographing weddings at the beach… I understand that it’s a 3+ hour drive from Charlotte… but I seriously love it.  there’s something so magical about having a couple by the water at sunset… truly nothing replaces it. I actually met Sarah a few years ago… she was Ryan and I’s waitress on Valentine’s…

It’s weddings like Sam & Danielle’s that really make me grateful to have the job that I have, and absolutely LOVE what I do.  This wedding was so full of life, love and color that I seriously felt like I wasn’t up the the task of capturing all of the thoughtfulness and beauty that went…

Stacy Bartel -

goodness, what a fantastic wedding, Rach… I love everything!!!!!! they are cute, what a dress…her colors…her flowers…venue….. and beautiful photography, Rachel Fesko~! so happy for you! <3

Kim Cygan -

Absolutely beautiful!

I still couldn’t believe the email when it came through… My wedding had gotten picked up by who?  The Knot… really!? I don’t think an image release had been signed quicker in the history of mankind.  I’ve been scouring Harris Teeter for about a week now looking for the latest issue to appear with no…

Susan Jackson Kelly via Facebook -

Love it!!

Donna Walters Cox via Facebook -

Beautiful wedding, great pictures!

Donna Walters Cox on Facebook -

Beautiful wedding, great pictures!

Jess Keener -

Everything about this wedding is so so lovely! I especially love the image of him kissing her on the cheek against the checkered wall! Gorgeous!

Nancy E. Mazzucco-Usuff -


Debrah Garlington-Woods -

Very Nice! I love the dress shot from the bottom…awesome! Beautiful work!