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Hello Everyone!  I am more than happy to say that Tim O’Toole’s “West of Ireland” Wall Calendar has returned for a second year!  It was such a raging success last year, that we’ve already received multiple inquiries for this year. Options for international shipping, and local pickup within the Charlotte, NC area are available.  Calendars…

Sharon Taylor Kiellach -

Tim – just saw this. Will have to get one next year. Merry Christmas to you, Kristina, Maddy and Elijah!

David Dale -

Shipped from the States or elsewhere ?? or from overseas??
would like to acquire one too !!

Tim O'Toole -

shipped from the states, to anywhere 🙂

As a long time member of “Single Awareness Day” when I was clamoring for a get together with my single girlfriends, I was thrilled when the day after came and all of the decorations, candy and hearts were 70% off (or more!).  I was thrilled that we were now onto a more festive holiday that involved…

unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Southeast has been hammered by the largest snowstorm in over a decade.  the last snowstorm that rocked North Carolina we had some visitors… my aunt and future uncle from Louisiana.  part of the reason I bonded so quickly with my uncle-to-be was because he…

Sandra Rowell Race -

beautiful…. you and God do good work!!!

Melissa -

These are gorgeous! The last one is my favorite 🙂 So fun that you got to take advantage of this snow.

Julia James Laible -


Michelle Cross Hoefflin -

Rachel these are LOVELY. Beautiful job capitalizing on weather.

Tammie Langley -

The moment yup ousted about shooting in the snow, I couldn't wait to see your pics! Awesomely beautiful!

Kelly Gordon Cook -


Dianne Green Personett -

Love this, Rachel! can't believe she layed in the snow..awesome!

Sharon Cupp Wagner -

Absolutely gorgeous.

Rachel Fesko -

Thanks everyone! She was a total trooper and we had an absolute blast!