Doomsday Discount (12/21/2012)

I am currently obsessed with the movie 2012.  It’s been on repeat on Starz, and every time it’s on I watch it… or put it in the background while I’m editing.  It’s also prompted the hubby and I’s discussion on 2012 and what we would do IF it were true.  Now, I’m not saying that I give any thought to it happening or not (because there’s nothing we can really do about it).  But I have decided to offer a Doomsday Discount.

12/21/2012 is the day that the Mayans say the world will disintegrate, and with that day falling on a Friday I thought it would be exciting to offer a discount… you know, just in case.  So, for $2012 dollars (over a $1000 discount) you can have me photograph your wedding on the day that might just be the end of the world.  Hit the “contact” button if you’re interested!

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