Erin’s Get [Glamorous] Session!

When I met Erin I had a hard time believing she was just a few years younger than me.  My first instinct was, “Aren’t you a little young to be getting married?”  And I’m so glad I bit my tongue… well… until now (sorry, Erin!).  Erin wanted something more rustic for her bridals, and train tracks were a must have in her book.  So we traveled to Belmont and got some amazing images.  Her wedding was last weekend, and I will hopefully have some images on the blog soon.  Enjoy!

Can you believe these shoes???  LOVE!My favorite of the day.  Just as we were about to cross the street we heard a train coming.  I think I scared Erin a bit with how close I asked her to stand to the train… but it was SO worth it.

Jessica @ Jessica Keener Photography -

Rachel, the last shot is killer awesome! I also love the one of her framed with the rectangle on the red brick wall. Just lovely.

Jessica @ Jessica Keener Photography -

Rachel! Really love the last 2, especially the final shot. Absolutely lovely.