Families: The Reece Twins

These two little girls just absolutely warm my heart.  Every time I see them in person I always guess wrong as to who they are, but once I see them in pictures I can totally tell them apart.  When I was editing I shot their Mom, Michelle, a text saying, “Is Kate the oldest?” … because you can totally tell.  Her personality totally comes through as the first born, while Bella is a little less dramatic and more laid back.  Weird how you can already tell at 10 months, eh?  I’m sure you’ll recognize Michelle when you see her from their wedding I photographed in California… 
Seeeeeee…. this is what I mean… she’s totally the firstborn…
And yes, Kate… the photoshoot is over… please, be shocked…

by Rachel

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Joanna Furr on Facebook Too cute!!!

Cassandra Mooney Bradley adorable!

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