Get [Personal]: Plastic Bags and Excercise Balls

My dog has turned into a menace.  I mean, he’s completely adorable… but a menace.  Have you met Schroeder?  No?  Okay… Everyone this is Schroeder, Schroeder – Everyone.  Okay.  So little known facts about my adorable, menacing dog…  He’s scared of plastic bags.  We could chase him around the house scared to death as long as we were shaking or carrying any form of plastic bag.  He’s scared of my exercise ball… again, we roll it around the house and chase him with it.  Hmmm… this doesn’t sound so great… maybe we’re the menacing ones… or he’s just trying to get me back.  Anyway.  Schroeder has officially entered the destructive, chewing phase of puppy hood.  And it wouldn’t be so bad if it was just his toys or bone… no… it was my wedding shoes.  The original wedding shoes I had lent to someone who’s dogs chewed them up and she replaced (but we all know that THOSE shoes are not replaceable).  So this is the replacement pair… or was. Beautiful right… let’s zoom in shall we?Those are bite marks… oh wait, it gets better…Gotta love this hole…And the punctures straight through…So, needless to say I have now blocked my closet with plastic bags and my exercise ball.

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  • Matt - I totally feel your pain. Our Shih-tzu (Gizmo) went through the same phase. He destroyed a couple of my wife’s favorite shoes, and that helped us to learn all about baby gates and the importance of a good chew toy. They’re so cute though! It’s worth a couple of shoes. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Kathy D - My dog Blue chewed on my back up wedding shoes the week before the wedding. In addition to my awesome blue heals, I had a pair of white wedges to change into if the heals started killing me during the reception. Thank goodness I didn’t end up needing the extra pair of shoes!ReplyCancel