Get the Shot… No Matter What

I’m a firm believer in getting the right shot no matter what.  My interns will tell you that I told them (mostly joking) that you’re not a “real” photographer until…

1. You get dirty &/or
2. You stop traffic

I do whatever it takes to get the shot.  Period.  Example… I found this super fantastic window to shoot the bride’s dress up against.  The light was filtered, beautiful and clear… but it was in the church sanctuary.

This was the end result…

And this is how I got the shot… (notice the bare feet) – captured by intern Jen!

Thank God my mother put me in gymnastics as a kid… and that I still do yoga (:

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  • Joanna - you crack me up! and i can attest that you will do anything! awww, i’m getting nostalgic thinking about all the traffic we stopped and breaking into some certain buildings…ReplyCancel

  • Colleen - Haha, I do this ALL the time! Love it 🙂ReplyCancel