Get [Together]: The McIntyre’s

It’s amazing how life comes full circle… 8 years ago I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer and was introduced to Dr. Kristin Wagner (now McIntyre).  She was probably my favorite part of going through that journey (can you have a favorite part of walking through cancer?), and surprisingly I missed seeing her face after the ordeal was over.  After I had Ian, my OB wanted me to go back to Dr. Wagner just to ensure everything with my thyroid was still fine… which it was.  However, during the visit we had the opportunity to talk about our life changes… me, now with a kid… and her, very obviously pregnant.  When I mentioned I was no longer working for Starbucks and doing photography full time, she asked if I photographed families and I immediately said “Yes!”  About 2 weeks later I got a text message, we set up the session and voila… magic.

To see Kristin interact and love on Elizabeth just warmed my heart… there is no love like a mother and daughter have.  I caught myself smiling through the editing process, and while I may have gone black and white overboard I don’t think the timelessness of the moments would have allowed me to do anything less.  I was thrilled when her husband, Larry, was able to join us for the last part of the session so I could meet the family of three before the final chapter is added later on this week.  I’m thankful that Dr. Wagner isn’t fully removed from my life, but that our relationship has just taken a new bend.  Enjoy!


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  • Susan Jackson Kelly via Facebook - This is so sweet. I wish I had photos like this when my kids were this age!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Fesko via Facebook - Her daughter was so sweet and animated! It definitely made my job easier 🙂ReplyCancel