Getting Published!

So, I’m sure you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been blogging my amazing Spring weddings… well, that’s just it… I’m not blogging them because they are amazing, and amazing weddings get published.  I am literally seeking publication for about half of my Fall weddings and 75% of my Spring weddings right now.  And most publisher’s rule of thumb is that they want exclusivity… meaning, they want their audience to have the first look at the images.  And they want to publish weddings that are in season… so if I have this amazing, gorgeous, fall themed wedding… I cannot get that published in June (sorry!).  But none the less, I do have some great stuff coming down the pike, so stay tuned!!  … and here’s a sneak peek at one of those amazing weddings…

by Rachel

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Carol Seigel Harber via Facebook That’s wonderful! Keep up the great work, Rachel! Very impressive.

Bethany Graafsma via Facebook Call me biased if you want, but you do amazing work. You work hard, and it shows. So many couples have amazing wedding pictures they can cherish forever because you “get” the details. This is just more proof of that 🙂 love you bunches!

Rachel Fesko via Facebook Gail, you’re so sweet!

Gail Ciriello Buff via Facebook I agree- your work is always amazing!

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