I’m a planner…

So, I’m a planner… big time.  I like knowing what my schedule looks like in advance, and having a plan.  So that’s what I did for WPPI this year.   My plan was to arrive early Sunday, grab some In n Out and rest up in the hotel room before all the craziness began.  I hunted for a great ticket, booked my classes and found amazing roommates – and then it happened… plans… on the day I was going to fly out.

Let me back up… I sort of have this “6th sense” (no, I don’t see dead people), but I do have this gut reaction to things and I’m normally right (but I constantly second guess myself).  So, I’m sitting in front of the computer booking my ticket to Vegas and I get this twinge… “This is going to fall through!  Spend the extra $20 and get trip insurance!” my gut says.  I say “Nah!  What could go wrong?  No way, not this close.”

If you’ve been following my tweets you know that I’ve been booking weddings that are 2, 3 and 6 weeks out; which is great when I have an equipment wish list as long as my arm!  With this trend in mind I should have purchased the trip insurance.  Ack!  And that’s exactly what happened…  I tried referring this bride to every other photographer I knew that would treat her wonderfully, and after 2 very long conversations about my trip… I agreed to move around my plans and accommodate her wedding.

So here, my friends, is the NEW plan…

Shoot Wedding
Leave Wedding by 9pm
Go to directly to airport, do not pass go, do not collect $200
Fly out of CLT arrive in DFW at midnight
Stay with friends for 5 hours overnight
Fly out of DFW (at 6:30am) arrive in Vegas at 7:30am
Get to my 8am class…

I know, I’m insane.  But hopefully those few hours of sleep that I get, a few 5 hour energy’s and In and Out for lunch will carry me through.  Keep in your prayers ya’ll!  This is going to be crazy!

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  • Joanna Furr - Yipes! You are one crazy chica!!!ReplyCancel

  • Kari - I would chide you with, “Now Rachel, that’s no way to treat your body, and you only have one.” But we both know that would backfire drastically. So, have fun and be as safe as one can in Vegas. I miss you!ReplyCancel