Rants and Raves: Chasing the Sun & Starbucks

Holy crap.  I’m not sure about you, but it feels like summer here in good ol’ North Carolina.  Seriously.  I am in shorts and a tank top right now, not to mention I’ve been answering emails on the backyard swing from my iPad.  But my legs are still ghastly white, and in no shape to be shown in public!

*Dogs that keep me awake at night because they snore louder than my husband.
*Having no sleep because of said dogs.
*Steph being sick, and having no fun in the office all by myself this week 🙁

*Daylight Savings Time.  I know the first couple days are brutal, but seriously… having the sun set at 7 is glorious!
*Having a Starbucks 1.9 miles from my house. Because after a snoring dog, and no sleep… it was needed!
*Wi-Fi.  Without you, I wouldn’t be answering emails while working on my tan.

While you’re waiting for the water to turn green for tomorrow, enjoy this sneak peek from a Get [Engaged] session we did this past weekend!

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