Rants and Raves: Space Heaters & Cake

As Ryan came home he proceeded to look at the thermostat, and then at my space heater… still on in my office.  “It is NOT 72° in here, it’s freezing everywhere except YOUR office!”  he said.  I couldn’t deny that I had hardly left my little slice of paradise all day, better yet wandered into other parts of the house.  I had a to-do list as long as Italy’s boot, and well… Schroeder just looks so cute cuddled up next to it, you couldn’t expect me to turn it off right?  … And besides… Ryan runs warm anyway, and he knew I was cold 90% of the time when he married me.

This week’s Rants go to…
*The thermostat located right outside my office, forcing the rest of the house to be cold (obviously, not my fault)
*Beach houses being ridiculously expensive to rent in the summer (I need a vacation).
*The to-do list as long as Italy sitting on my desk that never seems to get any smaller.

This week’s Raves go to…
*My fabulous space heater, that warms me only like a fireplace could (maybe I should install one of THOSE in my office!)
*My Monday night family dinners… More on that later!
*One of the BEST cake designers in Charlotte… Amy Craparo… I could eat her cake for breakfast.

Photo Credit: Kristin Vining Photography

1. Tell us a little bit about Amy…
Hmmmm. passionate about all that I do, risk taker, wife of 20 years, mother of a beautiful 17 yr old and handsome 12 yr old. I’d like to think I’m loving, kind, and generous (at least that’s what my husband tells me). Now you don’t want to hear about my flaws now do you???

2.      How did you become a cake designer?
Kind of a flukey thing, I literally called a woman out of the blue that made incredible tasting cakes and asked her if she would be interested in selling her business and training me to do what she did. I really didn’t know anything about cakes at this time (11 years ago). See, I told you I was a risk taker!

3.      Describe your style:  I’d say I’m traditional with a modern twist

4.      What inspires you?   The client inspires me!

5.      What inspires your cake designs?
Everything around me. When I am out and about people probably think I’m crazy because if I see something that inspires me such as clothing, jewelry, wrapping paper, gift bags, ect., I am whipping out my camera phone to get a snap shot so that I can implement it in some way onto a cake… (note: I walked into Amy’s shop around Christmas, and she had a Claire Pettibone cake design… my jaw hit the floor!)

6.      How do you keep your designs fresh?
I keep very involved in current trends in both the baking industry and wedding industry. My goal is to give the client all options regarding their cakes with the freshest and most innovative designs

What makes you different from other cake designers?
Tough one to answer. Every cake designer I know is passionate about their cake. I think we all have a lot in common. We’re doing our best to make the best tasting showpiece for our clients.

9.  3 things you can’t live without: God, my family and friends, cake. Well I guess that’s four things!

10.  What is the best advice anyone has ever given you? Listen to what the client wants, not what I want.

11.  What is the best advice you can give to an engaged couple?
Enjoy the process of your planning. Be true to yourselves and let your celebration be a reflection of you. Most of all pick a cake that you will love to look at in 50 years!

Some of Amy’s Wowee Pops, Cake Shots and Groom’s Cake… 

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Scott Photography
Photo Credit: Cunningham Photo Artists
Photo Credit: Cunningham Photo Artists (yes, it’s a cake!)

Amy can be reached at: thewowfactorcakes@gmail.com or 704.654.0598

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