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Baby Grant

“Two tiny feet,
That wave in the air…
Two tiny hands,
That tug at your hair..
And an adorable little face,
A bundle of joy to love & embrace.”

I don’t claim to be a newborn photographer… but I love it when I have clients that trust me to photograph all of their major life events.  I was so honored when Jenn asked me to photograph Charlotte when she was born, and even more thrilled when she called again and asked me to photograph Grant… their newest addition.

Just like his sister, Grant did not want to sleep for our session, so we couldn’t pull off the typical newborn poses; but his little smile and gaze just captivated me.
He was so precious, and hope those blue eyes stay put just like Charlotte’s did!

little miss charlotte… now 18 months! I can’t believe I photographed her that long ago!

Happy Easter from Little Baby Nicholas

I think one of my favorite things in the world is getting a text from a new mom announcing that her little one has made its way into the world.  I was overjoyed to have photographed Kristin and her family of 3 a few weeks back (see here), and knowing that Elizabeth was hoping for a baby brother I was ecstatic to receive the text that little Nicholas had finally come… all 7lbs 11oz of him!  I’ve never had a more perfect client, or a newborn smile long enough for me to catch it on camera… let alone be good enough for us to make him our Easter bunny for the day!  I can’t wait to see this family learn and grow together, and for Elizabeth to start touting around her baby brother like the perfect accessory he is.

Sweet Baby Stella

Being pregnant is such a great season… all of this expectation and build up… and then she’s here.  This tiny, sweet little girl, and she’s all yours. Sometimes the realization that your a parent doesn’t really hit you right away, but the more you realize that this little life is solely dependent on you it begins to sink in.

Throughout the years Jo and I have developed a friendship, and when it started getting close to her due date we were texting often and keeping each other updated… Mainly because Ian and Stella are destined for each other, but that’s neither here nor there :).  I literally couldn’t wait to come to the hospital and hold this precious little girl, and photograph her sweet little face.  Hope you enjoy!