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Jacob & Lindsey Get [Engaged]

I’ve known Lindsey FOR-EV-ER… I’m not even joking, forever.  My mom used to be her piano teacher when she was like… 10… The practices and recitals, seeing her older twin brothers move to California… seriously, forever.  When she started having an interest in photography I definitely wanted her to get started on the right foot, so she took my private classes and now she’s shot her first wedding and many, many portrait sessions.

Now, she’s engaged, and I couldn’t be happier for her and Jacob.  Being a photographer, she definitely walked into the session with a clear vision and idea of what she wanted.  We had THE BEST time with the PERFECT light.  And while parts of me may always see her as that long haired 10 year old sitting at the piano, I honestly can’t wait to see her in a white dress walking down the aisle in a few months marrying the man of her dreams.