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Sam & Danielle Get [Married]! … and Featured!

It’s weddings like Sam & Danielle’s that really make me grateful to have the job that I have, and absolutely LOVE what I do.  This wedding was so full of life, love and color that I seriously felt like I wasn’t up the the task of capturing all of the thoughtfulness and beauty that went into the day.

Danielle and I actually didn’t meet until the day of her and Sam’s engagement photos!  We clicked so well over the phone that we pretty much knew it was going to be a great fit for both of us right away.  Danielle and Sam met over the internet… as two avid gamers they got chatting in an online server, fell in love and the rest is history!

With these two it’s obvious that they are a perfect fit… and more importantly, that they are head over heels for each other.  To see the way they interacted, the lack of hysteria and laid back approach they had to their wedding day was so refreshing.  At one point Sam was in the hotel room while the girls were getting ready, and while other couple’s may have been concerned about seeing each other beforehand, these two just held hands and talked like it was any other day.  In my opinion that’s not just what makes a wedding day great… but makes a marriage strong.  The romantic dates and lavish gifts are one thing, but the ability to have coffee in the morning and just chat through your day without any pomp or circumstance… that’s real life.

“You knit both halves of my heart together,
See me through fair and foul weather.
When the wind blows, you are my tether.
When my soul is heavy, you lift me like a feather.
I’ll say it loud and I’ll say it proud —
with you, my love, my life is better.”

How cute are these matching scents?
I seriously can’t get over how gorgeous all the florals were…
See what I mean?  Just holding hands… no big deal, we’re just getting married today…
Yay!  Love doing a first look… the intimacy of the moment just makes my heart warm, every. single. time.
Sam decided to dress as Macklemore when they entered the reception to “Thrift Shop”… so hilarious.
Cake smash!
My camera didn’t quite focus in time for the shot of Danielle with her dad, but it was so sweet I couldn’t delete it from the final images.
“Don’t stop believing”
Huge thanks to the amazing vendors that made this day fabulous!

Wedding Planner: Ashley with The Graceful Host
Ceremony & Reception: Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens
Hair & Makeup: Elizabeth with Who’s the Fairest
Wedding Dress: Justin Alexander
Bridesmaids: Alfred Angelo
Groomsmen: Jos. A Banks
Rentals: Party Reflections
Catering: Best Impressions
Cake: Wow Factor Cakes
Videography: Brian Bunn Films
Flowers: New Creations Flower Co.

Get [Excited]!! Some of what’s to come…

As I’m sitting here furiously editing away I just got too excited about what’s coming up on the blog… I had to get some sneak peek’s out…

Mark & Julie Get [Engaged]

Julie and Mark are amazing.  When we sat down to chat about their wedding day plans our conversation flowed so seamlessly and effortlessly.  When they mentioned they were getting married at Daniel Stowe we couldn’t think of a better place to begin their engagement session.  We had such a great time walking through the gardens grabbing shots!  I honestly can’t wait for their wedding in a few short months!  Enjoy!