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Seniors: Hunger Games – The Be Katniss Experience

It took three days… I read all three books in three days and I was hooked.  Like everyone else, I formed mental images of what the chapters held, and was a captive audience until the very last page.  Then the movie came out… I bought tickets in advance, was in line at midnight, and I will be again in November.

When I heard that they were filming The Hunger Games in North Carolina I immediately needed to know where.  As luck would have it, it was right in my backyard (no not literally)!  So I planned a shoot… and hoped that other THG junkies would jump at the change to travel up to the Seam (District 12) and have some once in a lifetime Senior portraits.  The results were amazing.  I’m planning another Hunger Games shoot for this Spring, so email me if you want on the list for the next round!  Meanwhile… enjoy the post, and may the odds be ever in your favor.