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Get [Personal]: Plastic Bags and Excercise Balls

My dog has turned into a menace.  I mean, he’s completely adorable… but a menace.  Have you met Schroeder?  No?  Okay… Everyone this is Schroeder, Schroeder – Everyone.  Okay.  So little known facts about my adorable, menacing dog…  He’s scared of plastic bags.  We could chase him around the house scared to death as long…

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  • Matt - I totally feel your pain. Our Shih-tzu (Gizmo) went through the same phase. He destroyed a couple of my wife’s favorite shoes, and that helped us to learn all about baby gates and the importance of a good chew toy. They’re so cute though! It’s worth a couple of shoes. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Kathy D - My dog Blue chewed on my back up wedding shoes the week before the wedding. In addition to my awesome blue heals, I had a pair of white wedges to change into if the heals started killing me during the reception. Thank goodness I didn’t end up needing the extra pair of shoes!ReplyCancel