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Hey all!  I know that when I first got started in this industry I desperately needed help with one basic concept… lighting.  Where do I put my speedlights?  What setting do I use?  And what the heck are Alien Bees?  Something from another planet? Something else I struggled with was posing my couples.  I hated…

Julia Beckmann -

Just bought my ticket! Exciteddd! 🙂

Kathy D -

Awe, my anniversary! 🙂

Rachel -

Yay! Can’t wait to see you!

Hilary Mercer -

hmmmmmmm. I do need to go to Ikea. Maybe I can talk the husband into going and watching the kid while I do this.

Jessica @jessica keener photography -

Is there a deadline you have to be registered by?

Rachel -

At this point you can register up until the day of, but we’re looking at changing that to the Wednesday before for catering reasons.

amy -

Hey Rachel! Danita and I are considering attending this event. What kind of equipment is required? ~amy o.

Rachel -

You just need a dslr, lens and external flash. I will be providing reflectors, lights, speedlights and radiopoppers.

Danita McAlpin -

Getting ready to come to your Carolina SHoot Out I am looking so forward to this!!!!