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Carolina Shootout

Hey all!  I know that when I first got started in this industry I desperately needed help with one basic concept… lighting.  Where do I put my speedlights?  What setting do I use?  And what the heck are Alien Bees?  Something from another planet?

Something else I struggled with was posing my couples.  I hated things that looked posed and unnatural… like they were trying to hard.  I think I still look at sessions like that and cringe!  So, after talking with a few of my besties in the industry I thought that hosting a lighting and posing shootout would be beneficial.

We’re going to have the event at Anne Spring Greenway’s Dairy Barn property on Sunday September 18th, 2011 (for all you full time working people!).  It will be a 2 hour event from 6-8pm with refreshments, a bride and groom model, designer gown and pretty flowers.  You will definitely leave this event encouraged and with some great images for your portfolio.  Cost is only $30!  Sign up here… You don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity to learn from your fellow photographers!