Fall Intern Wanted!

Hey all!  RFP is currently seeking an extremely energetic, outgoing, willing to do anything required INTERN for the Fall wedding season!  If you feel like you can handle the job description, and would love the opportunity to work alongside an experienced photographer hit me up!

You will assist & observe while I shoot on-location sessions and weddings.  I will do my best to teach you what I know as we go through the motions of each day. Basically how I shoot, why I shoot the way I do, and run my photography company. I am more than willing to critique your work and give advice when asked of me. Think of it as a long tern one-on-one mentoring session using hands on learning, and without paying ridiculous workshop fees. You cannot possibly learn everything there is to know about running a photography company successfully in a one or two day workshop. I have around 8 weddings (so far) this Fall with a few out of town weddings, however they are within driving distance of Charlotte, and you are more than welcome to ride with me. This is an unpaid internship, and you must be prepared to be at the Saturday weddings ALL DAY LONG.

Must be a quick & eager learner, professional, teachable, a problem-solver, & very creative. Intern needs to be interested in doing whatever is needed in the moment.  This is a largely non-shooting, observing, helping position.  You are welcome to bring your camera as long as you understand that shooting will not be your main focus.  Lastly, you (the intern) must be a loyal person by nature. I believe myself to be very fair and loyal to others, and I do not respond well to being “screwed over”.

Mainly Saturdays, some Friday and Sunday weddings. A few weekdays if engagement sessions are scheduled, and are not able to be photographed solo.

Please email me the following:
1. Name & a bio pic (I like to visualize who I am talking to)
2. A little story about yourself and answering the following questions:
a. When and how did you become interested in photography?
b. Why do you want to be a photographer?
c. Why you want to intern for me & learn from me?
d. What you are hoping to gain out of this whole experience?
3. Three non-related references (names, email, phone numbers).
4. You must agree to sign a contract with me during this internship.
5. You cannot already own your own photography business or plan on starting one within the next year.
6. You must possess the ability to laugh at just about anything. And I mean anything.

PS> Stephanie may want to interview you as well!


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