Happy New Years Everyone!

As we go into 2012 I can’t help, like most of you, to stop and think about the last 12 months.  How were they spent?  Did I waste my time? Did I spend enough of that time with the ones I loved?  Was a good steward of my finances, my house, my friends and my family?  But the reoccurring theme I always face is… how did I steward my time?  Because really, that’s all I was given… another year to enjoy the things in my life that I’ve been so privileged to have.  As I go into 2012 I have my own resolutions about finally losing that last 15lbs, the number of weddings I’d like to capture, and the family I’d like to see… but most of all, I just want to make sure that in 2012 I’m out there living my life and not just waiting for it to happen.  Here’s a great couple who’s wedding I captured last year on this very night… Happy Anniversary Kelly & Melissa, and Happy New Years to the rest of you.  Would someone cue Auld Lang Syne now please?

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